Nitrile Examination Glove Secure Supply Chain Sourcing

Tech4Good has setup a secure supply chain of nitrile examination gloves that we are providing to governments and organisations around the globe. Tech4Good have setup relationships with the leading factories in South East Asia with allocations of nitrile examination gloves locked in until June 2021 that we make available to our clients.

We can provide nitrile examination gloves to you in one off or ongoing orders, with your private label, our private label, or the factories brand depending upon your preference. Most of our factories are FDA 510k Certified with EU Declarations of Conformity for Category 1 (Medical Devices) and Category 3 (PPE) Nitrile Examination Gloves. We also have access to sterile surgical gloves, both latex and nitrile depending upon your preference. 

We can provide the gloves FOB or CIF, and we can even airfreight gloves to the US at the most competitive prices in the market that we have seen. Tech 4 is an Australian based company with an extensive sourcing and logistics team in South East Asia in countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and China , which aims to help companies and governments based in Australia source medical supplies and equipment in South East Asia and China with a particular focus now on the equipment need for the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have a dedicated COVID 19 PPE sourcing team focussed on Nitrile Examination Gloves acrossThailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and China . 

Contact us if you need any support in sourcing nitrile examination gloves products in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia or China.